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Leggy blonde Cecilia Scott is a stunner from Hungary who can't keep her hands to herself! This slender beauty doesn't play favorites--she's equally tactile with men and women, although Cecilia seems to particularly enjoy caressing and playing with another hot babe's tits! This European stunner doesn't speak much English, so Cecilia has to rely on seductive body language and inquiring glances with her expressive face to ask for permission to fondle all of her costars, and of course, they always says yes. When she looks this gorgeous, anyone she meets would love to experience those long, slender fingers all over their body! This sensual beauty is just as excited to take her turn at getting groped, and it doesn't take much to get Cecilia gasping with pleasure! Check out this touchy-feely babe's Reality Kings debut now to watch Cecilia's ideal fantasy play out: two men, two women, and four very talented sets of hands.

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